the little-understood method of turning strangers into paying customers
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It’s no secret that the time it takes to research a niche audience is preventing you from quickly creating an online marketing system.

Prepare yourself for the exact same method that I use and how you can have it all without the late-night office hours taking you away from what is most important to you.
And this is only a small sampling.

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Learning this skill solves writers block, mental block, and even cures exhausting your writing juices halfway through your work...
Minds are like parachutes. They only function when they are open - James Dewar
The Little-Understood Method Of Turning Strangers Into Paying Customers...
Getting someone to pull out their wallet and hand you their credit card is the best method to test results in any campaign.

And if you haven’t had too many people hand you their credit cards then you are most likely lacking what I am going to share with you.

If you are having this problem 

...I don’t blame you because it’s something most people struggle with.
...It’s not taught in schools and online entrepreneurs tend to not focus on it. 

Even though this is one of the most valuable skills you can learn in online marketing.

Most often what happens is creating something without truly knowing if anyone will buy... 
And to my confession...
not knowing this has led me to spend my time:
  • Creating videos (some even pay a production team)
  • Hiring copywriters
  • Paying for a video editor 
  • ​Hiring an assistant
  • ​And spending thousands only to find out it didn't work.
But, I think you’ll be shocked by what you’re about to read next...
As you can imagine we all know that speed and execution is the key to success, right?

But how long has it been since you promoted your last product? 

Or maybe you are still trying to figure out what to promote.

I’d like to call to your attention that...
making more offers to the right audience will bring in more revenue and (more importantly) more people will hear YOUR message.
But I’m sure you’ll agree that this can be near impossible with dozens of different niches, messages, and hooks with no real way of testing if it works.
And don’t overlook that after your done writing and building your marketing campaign it can still end in one big flop.

Most people think that you need to:
  • Do a deep dive research study for a niche
  • ​Run an “Ask” campaign (even if you don’t have a list)
  • ​Create the product that your audience is asking for
  • (Almost like magic) have some products that you can promote!
... If this way didn't provide any noteworthy results then what happened?
While these are very important in the process of creating and promoting a product they can be relatively easy to get wrong. 

📜 So what is this little-understood method of turning strangers into paying customers...? 
If you haven't already guessed it, that skill is campaign building.
Specifically, sales campaigns ...
Sales Campaigns
Sales Campaign: is a planned sales strategy that uses one or more channels to reach leads and convert them into customers. Most sales campaigns run for a limited time only, which is part of their appeal – by putting a time limit on the campaign, both salespeople and prospects are motivated to move quickly on sales.
“Wealth and rarity go together. The rarer the art, the piece of jewelry, the designer gown, the travel experience, the first edition book, the celebrity’s autograph, the professional expertise, the higher the price paid, the greater the appreciation, the greater the demand.”
-Dan Kennedy
A serial, multi-millionaire entrepreneur and one of the very highest paid direct-response copywriters in America.
I'll add to that...
Creating Sales Campaigns and executing faster than the next person is the highest paid skill that I have learned.
And with a well written campaign in place I never run out of things to write so I never have to halt a promotion!
Yet, creating a sales campaign seems to be the one business skill that people can't seem to get...
Keep reading this and I'll teach you how to solve the problem with creating a sales campaign that will aid in your next promotion in no time.

Also, you’ll be glad to know that it's NOT your fault it didn’t work out for you in the past because before there were no available resources that gave you everything you needed before you even start

...and I'll hand you the same method I use that has saved me countless hours, one that will help you instantly create in-demand campaigns that your audience really wants. 
But before I share this method...
Why are sales campaigns so important to your success?
Don’t overlook this Capterra study surveying small to midsize businesses, 16% cited competitor strength as a major challenge.

16% of small businesses said that increased competition is a challenge for them 

...while 24% of medium businesses surveyed responded the same.

We know that there is more competition then there has ever been, right?
And with more people online and the growth of our economy competition is only going to get stronger.

So it’s even more important now, more than ever to set yourself apart from your competitors.

Because there is a principle called Gause’s law which states that two species needing the exact same resources cannot peacefully coexist.

The same principle can be applied to market competition: for businesses to avoid extinction, they have to adapt.
If you’re not able to get new customers through your door where does that leave you?

What promises did you make to your family or to yourself that you will break if this does not work?

It's easy to feel like things are getting out of control or that opportunity is slipping out of your hands.

And you’ll be left taking the blame and suffering from the pain, humiliation, shame and defeat.
Truth is... If you never present an offer to your audience then you will never get a sale. 
Most campaigns end in constant feedback loops and have less to do with the offer itself and more to do with coming up with the RIGHT idea to start your promotion.  
So what is the method that outshines the competition and is second to none in solving this feedback loop? For the answer, just scroll to the next section...
Give us the tools and we will finish the job -Winston Churchill
What I am leading up to is this: Let’s say, for example, you're an agency trying to sell to eCommerce, but you haven't had much success breaking through, yet.
You've got two options:
1. You directly attempt to sell your done-for-you services to them, but that's a big commitment. They will ask questions like: 

...What have you done? 

...What will my ROI be? 

...How soon will I get a return on my money? 

And they ask these questions because there is no trust established and as of now you have no authority to them. 

And even if you do acquire a customer it sometimes takes weeks or even months with a lot of money going to ads. This can be very risky. 
2. Or you could offer a smaller easy to consume product that can use immediately so you can gain their trust. 

We all know that little commitments will lead to much larger commitments if you're the right person. Right?
You're totally free to choose either option but the second one seems like a piece of cake compared to the first.
Here’s an easy method to instantly create a product and campaign that works...
Step One
Here’s an easy method to instantly create your next product and campaign that works: 

We search the book for good ideas and we find eCommerce statistics about cart abandonment.

As a result, we find the global average abandoned cart was 79.9%.

That's a big number, right? Just think about the sales your prospects are missing by not having this.

We also find that the average open rate of abandoned cart emails 15% and the click-through was 21%.

Plus the average revenue per abandoned cart email is $27.12

Why would anyone NOT want abandoned cart emails knowing how valuable this is?

We know that our audience might be inspired about abandon cart emails if you share this, wouldn't you think?

Step Two
Here’s what we do next, with this information we we create our product.

We use number 14 and create abandon cart emails along with a special bonus for each audience.

You can create template abandoned cart emails for them. Something tactical that they can use immediately. Then offer a special bonus just for them and use number 15 to offer an upsell.

For example, the upsell could be an email series for their upsell (meta right?). And if they don’t have an upsell, now you have given them an advantage and even helped them increase their ROI.

Perfect you now you have a product that you can sell and scale. 

Now we just need to find a paying customer, here's how...
Step Three
There are at least two ideas you can use today to find paying customers. 

Use number 34 affiliate product/customer viewpoint.

1. Interview an expert in that industry using the customer's point of view.

By giving them your product will allow them to discuss how it helped them, what problem did it solve, how are they doing now after they used the product?

Bonus: Use this as a testimonial, and the person you interviewed can even promote it to their audience as an affiliate. Win-Win!

And/or you can use number 35 affiliate product/ customer how-to posts.

2. Create a how-to showing exactly how your audiences will use this product. 

Explain why this product solves a problem, and what application you can use the product for.

You’re the toughest critic we know and I am sure even you think that it's easy enough to do...

Moreover, you can use this same formula for any product and promotion!
If you learn this method you can grab the attention of the most cold-blooded persons...
Who benefits the most from using this method?
  • If you are a small business owner you can use this same formula
  • If you are a eCommerce store owner you can use this
  • If you are a service provider you can use this
  • ​If you are a copywriter you can use this
  • ​If you are an internet marketer you can use this.
That ONE 'Simple' Method has helped me develop dozens of profitable sales campaigns FAST...
I’m sure that you’re not surprised that this cost me thousands of dollars and time spent traveling around the world to learn this method.

But, you’ll be surprised to know that It wasn’t the money or travel that was the most difficult part but it was finding the right people who have the answers.

And this is only the beginning! I've invested $25,000 in masterminds traveling to LA, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Orlando, New York, and internationally to Dubai, Paris, and Amsterdam trying to find the answers to this.

Including the cost of hotels and time away from my family.
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Maybe it was a family member, a friend, or a colleague.

And after you spent all that time with them, listening to their problem and sympathizing did they end up taking your advice? Or did they ignore the best advice you could give them?

I don’t know your exact scenario but my guess is they ignored it.
My mentor calls them 'Askholes', someone who asks for advice but never uses it.
But we all know that we value things more if we pay for it. Right?
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